My name is Jake Palmer and I am a current student at Miami University majoring in Information Systems and Analytics. Throughout my life I have always had an urge to get out there and make something for myself. In the past, I’ve done that through various small businesses. But, more recently, it has been through the creation of renders and animations. Starting when I was only 14, I began working with software called Cinema 4d to create 3d motion tracks. Over the years, that work has led to me creating animations and many other forms of computer generated imagery.

I am Proficient in & Constantly Learning About a Variety of Programs

I enjoy learning to use new programs to aid my creations, but I primarily use a mix of Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator, After Effects, and Cinema 4d. Within Cinema 4d, I use a rendering engine called Octane, allowing for realtime rendering and advanced rendering techniques such as pathtracing.


I am applying to the Creative Arts College at Miami University to pursue the ETBD / IMS Major. Currently, I am a business major and that is something I have always felt a passion and a calling for. However, I have also always had a passion for art (mainly graphic design and the creation of renders) as a hobby.

I felt that I should go into a career that I truly enjoy, and it wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized the ETBD major would provide me with the possibility of expressing my artistic skills inside of schoolwork, but also a potential career.

In short, I chose ETBD because it accompanies a lot of things that I enjoy, and I feel that I can truly use the major to my advantage, now and in the future.


I have always had a keen interest with emerging technology. I can’t pinpoint that interest exactly, but I have always found innovation in technology to be incredibly fascinating. There’s something special about being alive to see new concepts and ways of using data emerge that have the ability to change lives and our society as a whole.

The most important part about digital technology to me, especially when it comes to creating renders, is that you can hold the power to create something so precise and lifelike, that one could not differentiate between a real life creation and a digital creation. I view technology as an powerful tool, and I am fortunate to be here in a time where it is expanding rapidly.